Merc. Sol.
(Merc. Sol. H., Merc. Hahnemanni)
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Active Ingredients:
Mercurius Solubilis
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General Indication:
Sore throat and diarrhea.

Indepth Product Information:
No pains have been taken to keep distinct Merc. sol. and Merc. viv., and I do not find it practicable to attempt to separate them. Though Merc. sol. was the preparation Hahnemann proved, he recommended Merc. viv. as a superior preparation for homeopathic prescribing in his preface to the proving. There is no difference between the symptoms of the proving so far as the general characteristics are concerned.

Mercurius solubilis Hahnemann was invented by him in his pre-homeopathic days in response to a general desire for a mercurial preparation which should be at once soluble and non-corrosive, and it at once took its place in pharmacy, a place it has never lost.

In the finer characteristics there must be differences. The symptoms of the proving are in general more particularly characterized than the effects of Merc. viv. For instance, "At night severe toothache, and when that went off great chilliness through the whole body," belongs to the Merc. sol. proving, and so do these: "Vertigo: when sitting at his desk there was whirling in the head, as if he were drunk, he rises up and walks about the room staggering, then anxious heat breaks out over him, with nausea but not to the length of vomiting, at the same time some headache." "From occiput a strong, tearing, continued pain, which went into the forehead and there pressed." The symptoms of nose-bleed and the more finely characterized throat symptoms ("stitches on tonsils", "stitches into ear on swallowing," "something hot rises into throat"), were produced by Merc. sol., so were the majority of the symptoms in the male and female sexual organs.

But this is not to say that Merc. viv. will not answer equally well, or even better, for curing them.

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